Barbara L 1973 TR6

 After belonging to the TCNF for nine years, and not having a running Triumph, I started looking for a car I could drive.  The final straw that broke the monkey’s back was our winning a car rallye in the TR truck! Embarrassment!

In December 1998, I purchased a 1973 TR6 from club member John Drummond, who had owned the car four years when he had to give up driving.  John, an FSU fan, painted the car maroon.  To date we have put 7,270 miles on the car, the longest single trip being to Tallahassee, about 185 miles.  The car currently has 80,543 miles on the odometer.  This is a weekend driver that we love to drive; we do not aspire to the Concours level.

The previous owner (Rae Dexter) purchased the car 11-21-83 and sold it to John 3-24-94.  The original owner is unknown.  The car was manufactured in November 1972 to be sold as a 1973.  The original color was Emerald Green.  The Commission# is CF1877U

Work currently underway consists of replacing the wiring harness, replacing the 14” tires with 15” stock wheels with coker redline tires, replacing the rear bushings, and restoring the original paint color.  We work at the pace of Bill and Karolyn Slowsky , so an expected completion date might be October 2009 SE VTR Regional Meeting! 

October 2007